The Portrait Project | Weeks 178-181 (June)

Weeks 178
D enjoyed spending time with our neighbor's new puppy, Teddy got a new bike in celebration of his fourth birthday, Ruby Scout found a new love: spoons, and the boys had fun doing "tricks" on Ruby Scout's crib when she wakes up in the mornings.  

Weeks 179
The boys had fun wrestling their daddy before bed, Ruby Scout now walks around with her bottle and blanket before bedtime, and Ruby Scout didn't appreciate Daddy wrestling her brothers. 

Weeks 180
D had his surgery this week, Teddy expressed his concern while eating our last hurrah ice cream before D had his surgery, Ruby Scout enjoyed a little sprinkler time and the kids learned the sprinkler could be turned into a weapon :)

Weeks 181
A couple of sweet people got Daniel some Legos to play with while he was recovering and the boys spent hours playing with them, Ruby Scout enjoyed some bonding time with Mops while she was in town and the kiddos got to show off their guns in their official Mops picture :)