The Portrait Project | Weeks 173-177 (May)

I am so behind with the Portrait Project it's not even funny, so I'll slowly work on going through the photos and posting them month-by-month to be more digestible for you ;-)

Week 173
Daniel continued to enjoy playing soccer, Teddy wore Daniel's old jersey to all of Daniel's soccer games, Ruby Scout started to walk (!!!), and this photo off all three is a good sample of how taking a group picture goes these days :D 

Week 174
D was busy with school and things were getting hectic, so I don't have a photo of D this week (bad mom!), Teddy enjoyed his field day at co-op, Ruby Scout enjoyed the mini trampoline at field day, and the kiddos were allowed to actually take a bath together because Ruby Scout is able to hold her own now ;-)

Week 175
We took the boys on a special day out on a train and Ruby Scout enjoyed a little sun bathing.  

Week 176
Daniel had his kindergarten graduation, Teddy's new habit is to get a baggie of cereal and his milk cup each morning and watch "Blaze", and Ruby Scout attempted to wear her baseball hat-- it didn't last super long ;-) 

Week 177
D got to enjoy The Peach Truck's delicious peaches, Teddy turned four, Ruby Scout enjoyed an outdoor bubble bath and the kiddos all had fun playing in the baby pool and mud :D