The Portrait Project | Week 189

This last week was a big one!  Daniel finally took his training wheels off his bike!  The first day was a bit rough (no major tumbles, he just wasn't getting it as quickly as he wanted) and he got discouraged, but now he's a pro!  Teddy had his first soccer game (and refused to tuck his shirt in)- he's definitely my pokey little puppy, but he had a good time!  Ruby Scout had fun running around outside in the beautiful weather!  Since Daniel mandates that he practice riding his bike every day, my mini-posse has taken over the cul-de-sac in the afternoons and they thoroughly enjoy it!

The Portrait Project | Weeks 187 & 188

The last couple of weeks we've been busy getting back into the school routine.  The kiddos have embraced their afternoon chore of watering our tree and plants and Ruby Scout has embraced her role as dino mommy.  Last week, we were lucky enough to be in the "zone of totality" for the solar eclipse!  The boys thoroughly enjoyed getting to see the moon block out all the light from the sun during the day.  Ruby Scout napped but I got a cute photo of her earlier that morning ;-)

The Portrait Project | Week 186

This last week was the first week of school!  D started first grade and loved getting to ride the bus home, Teddy officially started his homeschool co-op pre-K which meant he had to play it cool, and Ruby Scout hit a growth spurt which means our favorite lemon dress will probably not last much longer :(