The Portrait Project | Weeks 242-282 (The Abridged Version)

Hi, friends!

To say it’s been a while would be an understatement… I didn’t realize how long it had been until I wrote out the week numbers… 40 WEEKS! Y’all, that’s almost a year- haha! A lot has happened within those 40 weeks and because I was so busy, I was very sporadic in my picture-taking. My Type-A self is super annoyed that I wasn’t able to keep up with the Portrait Project all those weeks, but the older I get and the more kids I have, I have come to be happy with what I AM able to do… so I present to you, the Portrait Project | The Abridged Version :)

Week 242
The boys got kickstands for their bikes and we found out that we would be adding a girl to the family

Week 246
Teddy decided he wanted to be a lego builder when he grew up and Ruby Scout became a pro at climbing up to brush her own teeth :)

Week 247
It was the last couple of weeks before Ruby Scout’s big haircut, so mama got all emotional and wanted pics of her hair!

Week 248
D always got his 20 minutes of reading in every night and Ruby Scout started playing with cars on her own.

Week 249
Teddy decorated his apple for “Apple Week” as a mummy.

Week 250
Teddy started to consistently fold his pants up because he doesn’t like it when they touch his shoes. He also fell asleep next to his “2D2” and Ruby Scout got her big haircut!

Week 251
We took our annual trip to Jackson’s Orchard.

Week 252

Week 253
Since Mimi was leaving, we decided to put the Christmas tree up early so she could be here for some holiday time :)

Week 254
D’s discovered Captain Underpants, Teddy participated in her first fun run and Ruby Scout continued to love on her babies.

Week 255
We visited some friends in Mississippi for Thanksgiving where the boys got to shoot guns for the first time and we got to see a real airplane up-close and personal.

Week 259
The kids on Christmas Eve before we went to look at Christmas lights.

Week 260
We got to head to the park and shoot off some big rockets we inherited from our neighbor- the kids all loved it (although, Ruby Scout preferred to be held for the actual launching)!

Week 263
Baby Birdie made her arrival!

Week 265
I finally took some newborn photos of Birdie.

Week 267
Teddy couldn’t find his rain boots so he decided to wear his snow boots to school and Ruby Scout found Daniel’s glasses and decided to claim them as her own.

Week 268
Daniel turned 8 and Birdie turned 1 month.

Week 271
Ruby Scout turned three!

Week 272
The weather started to turn warm so the boys got to go shooting again and Birdie turned two months!

Week 274
The boys got big-boy mountain bikes- Daniel loved it and Teddy had trouble changing the gears at first. Ruby Scout started dabbling in the balance bike and Teddy ran over his sister with his bike… on “accident”.

Week 275
I finally took Daniel and Ruby Scout’s birthday pictures, Teddy’s “cwossies” stage was documented and everyone enjoyed getting to go to the top of the “Batman Building”- thanks to Papa’s AT&T hook up!

Week 277
After 11 good years with our dog, Coco, we had to put her down due to her declining health- she will be missed for sure :(

Week 278
Teddy constructed a wall of books to sleep with and Birdie sported her bird hat and outfit during tummy time.

Week 279
I attempted to take some late Easter pictures (since we were all sick for the actual Easter)… it was a lot harder than it should have been- ha! Since Birdie wasn’t cooperating, I didn’t get a picture of her in her matching outfit— that will come in a later blog ;-)

Week 280
D performed in his first play! He was a palace guard in Aladdin and rocked it! Mops and Pops came into town for the occasion and Pops got to meet Birdie for the first time!

Week 281
Birdie turned three months!

Week 282
Teddy had his Kindergarten “Fly-Up” ceremony- busted eyebrow and all :)

The Portrait Project| August (Weeks 239-241)

Week 239- The boys started school and Ruby Scout has been carrying around anything and everything pretending they are her babies.

Week 240- We went to the Williamson County Fair! Daniel thought the baby pigs were cool, Teddy had fun brushing the goats and Ruby Scout tried hard to “milk the cow”.

Week 241- the kiddos got to pick what we had for dinner and “helped” to make it… so of course the dinner included fresh lemonade! :)

The Portrait Project | July (Weeks 234-238)

This week on the Portrait Project, we cover the month of July!

Week 234- We celebrated the Fourth of July with sparklers and fireworks!

Week 235- this week I actually am missing because my camera's card got damaged on our trip and I've yet to send it off to retrieve the photos :( 

Week 236- This week's pictures are from our trip to the Nut Tree in Vacaville with my parents!

Week 237- We also got to visit the Redwoods while we were in CA, which all the kids loved.

Week 238- After our visit up in Northern CA, we went and visited Daniel's parents in central CA where we enjoyed horseback riding and a beach trip!