Nashville Newborn Baby Photographer

Photographing newborns rocks my world!  This baby has been anxiously awaited and now is here!  I love and want to capture his or her every expression—her wide-eyed investigation of her new world, his quizzical furrowing of the brow, and the sweet mouth that flows from pout to grin.

The key to a smooth session is being relaxed and taking our time.  Babies will cry, need their diapers changed and need to be fed, which is why I schedule up to three hours for newborn sessions.  I work with your babies schedule and conduct the sessions in your home.  I bring backdrops, blankets and a few props but I mostly rely on the natural settings in your home to provide the perfect backdrop for your sweet pictures.  I have photographed newborns in town homes and multi-thousand square foot homes.

Generally, most mother will book their session around the time they are looking for maternity or birth photography.  However, to guarantee a session, it should be booked at least 2 months out.  After scheduling me as your newborn photographer, it is time for you to relax and wait for your sweet little baby to arrive.  I will give you a call two weeks before your due date to see how you are progressing and make adjustments to my schedule as necessary.

After your little one arrives, contact me and we will schedule a time within 10 days (ideally between five to seven days) for the session to take place.  Two days before your session, I will also email you my tips to prepare for the shoot and general procedures.  If you would like to learn more about my style as a photographer, please visit my “Photolosophy”  section of my website!  If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me!