The Portrait Project | Weeks 117 & 118

The last two weeks have flown by- as I suspect the rest of my life will :)  Two weeks ago both boys got sick so it became a game of keeping them away from Ruby Scout and entertaining them indoors :)  D's such a high-energy kid- you know something must be wrong when he just wants to snuggle and sleep on the couch.  Teddy also started to look super big that week- it seemed like his face became less toddler and more boy :(  Since Ruby Scout was the only one well, we were the only ones to go to worship Easter morning- so the photo is of her in her Easter dress :)  This last week, we have been feeling much better!  D decided he wanted to adopt two worms we found in front of our house, Teddy thought watching the sprinkler in the backyard was "cool" and Ruby Scout has been enjoying her nightly swaddle in her bassinet.  Since the quarantine was lifted, the kiddos have all enjoyed spending time together again!