The Portrait Project | Weeks 113-116

We've had a lot going on the last three weeks!  Mimi & Papa arrived as reinforcements for Ruby Scout's arrival and it seems like time flew by since then.  During week 113, D enjoyed watching the cement mixer pour our next-door neighbor's driveway, Teddy started to make a thinking face when you asked him a question and the boys enjoyed setting up their signs and creating obstacle courses for their cars. Week 114 brought Ruby Scout!  Since I wanted to enjoy the boys meeting Ruby Scout, the photos from this week of the boys and all of the kiddos are brought to you by Ilde Cook (from SheHeWe Photography)!  The boys absolutely love Ruby Scout and mama thinks she's pretty awesome too :)  Week 115 was our first week back at home all together!  The boys enjoyed some extra attention from Mimi and Papa (D loved his new T-Rex) and Teddy enjoyed getting to plant the Christmas tree seed we got during Christmas.  Ruby Scout enjoyed making cute baby faces :)  Week 116 was our first week on our own (YIKES)!  D & T discovered a pile of dirt in the neighborhood that amused them for hours on end (while Ruby either napped in her carseat or in my baby-wearing wrap).  Sunday was also Ruby Scout's first Sunday morning worship, so she got all dressed up for the occasion :)