The Portrait Project | October (Weeks 142-147)

The fall is chaos for photographers, so I gave myself some grace and decided to wait to post October's Portrait Project photos. 

Week 142- D decided he had liked to flex his back muscles, Teddy became obsessed with cutting paper & Ruby Scout finally took her first big girl bath!

Week 143- D has continued to pretend everything is school or bus related (he made his blocks become students and his home-made castle the school), Teddy enjoyed wearing his superhero mask, Ruby Scout had to start wearing a hat to the bus stop because the weather started to get cooler, and we finally broke out the walker for Ruby Scout- which the boys LOVE to push and tow her around in.

Week 144- D got to go on his first field trip and thoroughly loved it, Teddy enjoyed getting to play football with Daddy in the backyard, Ruby Scout practiced her sit-and-pivot, and with Ruby Scout's newly expanded movement her brothers quickly figured out their iPad was no longer safe if she was within range.

Week 145- D got to decorate an apple for school, Teddy got to play with play-doh (something I avoid like the plague), and Ruby Scout finally realized we had a dog and was very intrigued with Coco's tongue.

Week 146- D lost his first tooth and we all enjoyed our yearly trip to Jackson's Orchard.

Week 147- D dressed as an x-wing fighter, Teddy was Luke Skywalker & Ruby Scout was a Cabbage Patch Kid :)