The Portrait Project | November & December (Weeks 148-157)

Happy New Year!  I hope you all had a GREAT holiday season- if yours was like ours, it went by WAY too quickly!  This New Years, I hereby resolve to be better about updating the Portrait Project- ha!  A lot has happened since we left off, so here we go...

Week 148

Daniel perfected his dance, Teddy embraced his inner Eeyore, Ruby Scout loved getting to play in leaves & the boys LOVED to feed Ruby Scout her puffs.

Week 149

Daniel helped me prep Mops' & Pops' room, Teddy enjoyed watching Casey Junior on Pops' phone, Ruby Scout got to wear her cozy winter outfit, & the kiddos enjoyed spending time with Mops & Pops.

Week 150

Daniel enjoyed pretending he was the conductor on the Polar Express (if you ask him what he wants to be when he grows up, he says train engineer), Teddy helped me to clean up Mops' & Pops' room, Ruby Scout continued to enjoy participating in her brothers' play as one of their vehicles in the garage & the kiddos all got in on the Polar Express action-- Daniel as the conductor, Teddy as the main character boy & Ruby Scout as a non-descript girl on the train :)

Week 151

This was Thanksgiving week!  Daniel and Teddy both had fun helping to put ornaments on the tree, Ruby Scout can only scoot backwards in her walker, so she often ended up stuck under the Christmas tree & the kiddos had a great Thanksgiving over at our friends' house!

Week 152

Daniel loved getting to make a gingerbread house at school, Teddy enjoyed a special treat, Ruby Scout learned to crawl over to the stairs- she still hasn't figured out how to climbed them, but she enjoys playing at the bottom, and now that she can crawl, the boys have had to change their playing strategy... she's very good at derailing trains, so if they try to distract her with other toys while they're playing trains.

Week 153

Daniel and Teddy both rediscovered the joy of paper airplanes, Ruby Scout realized she could crawl to look out the storm door- she's a very helpful part of the neighborhood watch, and the kiddos all had fun in the bath together for a short time :)

Week 154

The kiddos all enjoyed meeting Santa this week-- Teddy actually sat in his lap this year and Ruby Scout did better than I thought she would, especially since I was there and not holding her :)

Week 155

The boys enjoyed decorating cookies for Santa, Ruby Scout figured out how to feed herself & the kiddos were very excited for their first Christmas Eve (even though they were all sick).

Week 156

Daniel found the worlds most perfect game for him, Teddy continued to be sick, Ruby Scout wore her most southern outfit and the kiddos enjoyed spending lots of time with Mimi & Papa who got to be with us for Christmas!

Week 157

Happy first week of January!  This week brought SNOW! Daniel would have loved to spend more time out in it, but it was freezing and Teddy wasn't feeling well :(  Daniel's recently decided he likes to carry Ruby Scout around (don't worry, this was just for the picture), Teddy's been sick with an ear infection and just wants to sit on my lap all day and Ruby Scout discovered the joys of playing with Tupperware while mom cooks.  Since Teddy and Ruby Scout have both been sick-- I've tried to keep everyone away from each other as much as I could (hahahaha!)- so no sibling picture this week.