A Good-Bye to Summer in Pictures

It seems like it was just May and I was eagerly awaiting attending Tamara Lackey’s workshop and Teddy’s first birthday!  This summer has FLOWN by and has brought on some awesome personal and professional memories! Since I normally post my business photos to my blog (with the exception of my weekly Portrait Project), I decided I’d change it up and post some of my favorite shots from more personal shoots this summer.  My favorite part of being a photographer is getting to give my clients photos they love- so it’s super awesome when I can provide that for my own family!  This summer started off with a visit from my husband’s family and two beautiful nieces and handsome nephew.  They cam into town so that I could run off to North Carolina for Tamara’s workshop and to help ring in Teddy’s First birthday!  It was fun to have us all together and I LOVED getting to use some of the new things I learned for the workshop while shooting my Sister-in-Law’s family!

After things died down, I finally got around to shooting Teddy’s One Year Photos- he has turned in to such a giggly, inquisitive and opinionated little buddy and these photos seem to capture all those characteristics 

At the end of June, my brother and his gorgeous family visited and I was able to nab some photos of the five of them.  It is always an adventure having them in town- only parents of little boys can image how much energy our house held with five little boys under the age of six under one roof 

Finally, I decided to include some “snap-shots” from around our house this summer.  This summer was all about playing- outside, inside, in the water, wherever we could!  Looking back on these photos, it’s crazy to see how we started the summer with a toddler and a baby and we somehow ended up with a little boy and a toddler… life is going by crazy fast!

I hope you all had wonderful summers- now on to my favorite- FALL!  Happy Labor Day!