2014 Fall Family Portraits: What to Wear | Nashville, TN

Well, Labor Day has passed which means Fall will be here soon- 20 days, to be exact!  I LOVE Fall!  I love the changing of the leaves,college football, pumpkin everything and the change in weather (I’m that dork who busts out her Uggs as soon as it’s 70 outside and then almost passes out from overheating)! As a photographer, I also love heading outside and capturing families together in portraits.  If your family is like mine, once we’ve booked our session the great debate about what to wear ensues.  Everyone HATES this part of the process, and for good reason. So, to help simplify your process and take the hate out of the equation, I’m going to list some tips on choosing what to wear!  Hope it helps!

#1: COLOR!

I know introducing multiple colors may sound complicated, but it’s actually really easy and the results will be worth it! It’s SO tempting to go with one color for everyone, but often that strategy makes everyone blend together or blend in with the background.  Picking three or four complimentary colors will make your life easier by eliminating the need to find perfectly matched items and many times you own things that work!  So, you’re probably wondering, “How do I know what colors are complimentary?” To answer that question, I’m going to flashback to high school art and show you a color wheel. In the color wheel below, the lines connecting different colors show which colors are complimentary. If you’re considering a color that’s not specifically on the wheel, choose one that is close to your color and then play with the suggested complimentary color until you feel it looks good  Easy, right 


If you’re still stumped about color combinations and to check out which colors are the “in” Fall colors of 2014- check out my Pinterest board of Fall 2014 outfits!


#2: Layer

Obviously Fall brings cooler weather- which is awesome, but can sometimes be hard to dress for. Layering is a great solution- not only can you incorporate those complimentary colors by layering, but you can keep nice and warm without wearing a parka 


#3: Accessorize

Accessories are the exclamation point at the end of your family photo sentence. Pretty outfits are pretty, but accessories help to add something unique to your photos that clothes cannot. They make the outfit pop! Accessories can be added or subtracted to a scene which gives a variety of images to choose from at the end. Try adding a unique yet complimentary necklace, earrings, headband, belt, tie/bowtie, hat, or pair of shoes to your outfit and it will transform the whole vibe of your session!


#4: Be Comfortable

My goal as a photographer is to capture your family as they really are- not just the buttoned-down calm version Each member of your family has their own unique personality and I want to capture it! Wearing clothes that each member feels comfortable in so they can jump and play as normal will help to encourage the most genuine smiles and loving family interactions as possible- which is a good thing!


#5: Keep it Simple

Remember, your goal is to get photos of your family that capture the love and personalities of each member- clothes will merely compliment the awesome family you are! Limit your busy patterns to one and avoid character shirts or screen tees- we want to see your personality through your smile and interactions, not printed out on your shirt!

I hope those suggestions were helpful- remember, family photos are to capture you as you are- your extended family and friends love you and your family the way you are- give them what they want! 

If you are still not sure about what to wear, outfit planning is included in the session fee and pre-shoot consultation.

Happy Fall!