The Portrait Project | Week Thirty-Four

 Last week I hosted my fourth annual Bible Cake Bake-Off where teams have Friday night and Saturday to decorate a cake according to some Biblical theme.  This year’s theme was Exodus- one team chose the golden calf scene and the other chose Baby Moses in a basket (I included a picture of both cakes at the end of today’s post in case you don’t believe me).  Prepping for the decorating meant that I was super busy trying to shop and bake last week so we stuck close to home.  This past week, Daniel started “watching music videos” on his computer (watching a horribly pixilated dog play “This Old Man” and other children’s classics on his toy computer), Teddy started to sit back and relax after meals and the boys played boat over at my baking team’s headquarters while we decorated  I hope this week is off to a good start for you all! -KJ