The Portrait Project | Weeks 190-208

Happy New Year!  It's crazy to me that we're already in 2018-- the last third of the year seemed to fly by as it always does :(  I tried to stay on top of the Portrait Project the last four months, but I fell short and didn't get each kiddo's photos some weeks... but that's ok, I resolve to do better in 2018 ;-) 

Week 190
D mastered riding his bike, Teddy enjoyed some play-time after soccer practice, and Ruby Scout became convinced she was a baby and enjoyed sitting in her baby swing.

Week 191
D has really grown to love writing and he spends many nights drawing pictures and writing stories, Teddy played really hard at a church potluck and Ruby Scout became attached to reading "Llama, Llama Nighty-Night" before bed.

Week 192
D rediscovered his love for all things police, Teddy got the closest to the soccer ball in his entire soccer career, and Ruby Scout got sick and just wanted to lounge and drink smoothies.

Week 193
The neighborhood posse was out in full force- writing traffic tickets and watering mom's mums.

Week 194
After months of waiting, the boys finally got fidget spinners- Teddy's hands are too small, so he learned to spin his on the ground, Ruby Scout had fun playing outside, and the kiddos enjoyed some after-dinner iPad time.

Week 195
The kids were introduced to "The Lion King" which prompted many "Lion" fights and Ruby Scout got herself into trouble by pouring out all the pepper in the pepper shaker.

Week 196
We took our yearly trip to Jackson's Orchard.

Week 197
Teddy got to borrow our friend's balance bike, Ruby Scout sported her family photo dress and the kids enjoyed some pre-bed wrestling on D's bed.

Week 198
The kiddos enjoyed getting to go Trick-or-Treating as the Monsters from "Monster's INC" and Boo.

Week 199
D started basketball, Teddy had fun accompanying me to brother's games, Ruby Scout has decided the dining room table is her perch and the kiddos all had fun playing cars together.

Week 200
D had his fun-run at school, Teddy enjoyed getting to play with Daniel at recess after the fun-run, Ruby Scout's hair seemed to grow a lot so she could finally rock a top-knot, and the kiddos all just wanted to dig in the dirt during D's recess after the fun-run.

Week 201
D worked on his dribbling, Teddy had fun playing in the leaves at school, Ruby Scout had fun re-arrianging our pumpkins and D has liked to read to his brother and sister in the evenings before bed.

Week 202
D had his Thanksgiving party at his school, Teddy got to have fun playing outside in the mild weather, Ruby Scout got to wear her Thanksgiving dress and the kids (reluctantly) posed for a picture before Thanksgiving dinner.

Week 203
After Ruby Scout goes to sleep, we're able to spend some time with the boys before their bedtime, Ruby Scout is learning the fine art of self-feeding yogurt and, again, the kiddos enjoyed some more pre-bedtime snuggles with each other.

Week 204
The kiddos got to meet Santa this week.  D brought Santa money to help him make more toys for everyone, Teddy gave him the side-eye and Ruby Scout was not a fan!

Week 205
The kids got to eat a cake pop as a special treat that Friday.  Ruby Scout likes to hang on to hers-- and her brothers were trying to help her figure out how to eat it :)

Week 206
The boys helped their dad put together a gingerbread house and Ruby Scout has taken to blowing raspberries at everyone after she smiles at you.

Week 207
D practiced his ninja sword stance with his new sword from Christmas, Teddy still hangs around my waist most days, Ruby Scout stole Santa's cookie on Christmas Eve and the kiddos got to sport their matching jammies for Christmas Eve!

Week 208
The boys had a slumber party on the floor in their bedroom and Ruby Scout has made it a point to steal the train remote control every chance she gets.