The Portrait Project | Weeks 161-169

Week 161
This week, we played inside, tried to convince Teddy to eat new foods (hah!), Ruby Scout loved hanging with Coco in her kennel, and D started trying to use his Darth Tater light saber as a curling iron on Ruby Scout's hair in the bath.

Week 162
Daniel prepped Valentines, Teddy practiced running "Soupa" fast, Ruby Scout enjoyed playing hard-to-get while she ate her morning breakfast, and the kiddos invented a new game where the brothers played "catch" throwing Ruby Scout (in her car) back and forth to each other.

Week 163
Daniel turned 6, Teddy enjoyed playing with D's new birthday presents, and Ruby Scout enjoyed the warmer weather and got to crawl around outside.

Week 164
D wanted to take his birthday pictures in front of our friends' neighbors' new house construction, Teddy fell in love with our neighbor's toy gun, Ruby Scout got really good at climbing up the stairs, and her brothers got really good at notifying me when she was climbing up the stairs.

Week 165
We took the kiddos to Chattanooga to celebrate D's birthday.  We stayed in the Chattanooga Choo Choo hotel and got to sleep in one of their train car rooms, so of course the boys wanted pictures in front of our "room".  D wanted his picture by the connector and every time we would go into our room, Teddy would stand out and yell, "All abowd!" so that's his picture :)  Ruby Scout enjoyed riding the incline rail road and all the kiddos were underwhelmed at the view at the top of the incline- haha :)

Week 166
This week, the boys finally broke into their water colors, Ruby Scout ate her birthday cake (sort of) and Ruby Scout enjoyed having her brothers and friends sing "Happy Birthday" to her.

Week 167
This week D started soccer, Teddy had fun playing catch with Ruby Scout and Ruby Scout got to break in her first pair of Converse.

Week 168
This week we got to go away to our friends' lake house for the weekend.  The boys loved fishing and Ruby Scout loved to explore around.

Week 169
This week all the kiddos seemed to age- and in Ruby Scout's case she added some attitude for good measure.