The Portrait Project | Weeks 138-140

Time has again gotten away from me and thus I'm posting three weeks worth of photos :D

Week 138 was all about walking to the bus stop- D still get so excited going to school and coming home from school on the bus!  Teddy's enjoyed getting to bring his umbrella with him to shield him from the sun and Ruby Scout enjoys all the attention she gets from the other bus riders :)  Ruby Scout is also developing a love/hate relationship with her crazy brothers :)

Week 139 brought more new routines- D's nightly homework routine, Teddy having to get up earlier than normal from his nap to go get D from the bus stop and Ruby Scout got to go to her very first Bible class at church.

Week 140 brought the getting comfortable in our new "schoolcentric" way of life.  D enjoys coming home and having a little outside time before we go in.  He likes to pretend everything with wheels is a bus and he has to pick up and drop off the bus riders in our garage.  Teddy has enjoyed getting to pick what he watches during lunch time (instead of Daniel) and he is still attached to his milk cup.  Ruby Scout is very proud of her new ability to sit up independent of us... she is happiest when sitting now.