Back in the Saddle

Wow- I can’t believe it has been six weeks since my husband and I welcomed Baby Teddy into our family! These past few weeks have been full of the normal new baby things- lots of feedings, lots of diapers, and not a lot of sleep ☺ However, Baby Teddy is pretty awesome and is already rooming-in with his big brother and goes along with the flow of our crazy house quite nicely. Big brother is LOVING his new role and has taken to helping out whenever he can, giving his “brudder” lots of kisses, and “taking” lots of pictures of Teddy with my phone. They are already such good buds- I can’t wait to see their friendship grow over the years!

During these last few weeks, I took some time off to adjust and recuperate. Taking time off from photography has been somewhat relaxing, but it has also made me more excited than ever to get back to the exciting world of photographing babies, kids and families! Living through these first few weeks with a newborn has made me all-the-more passionate to beautifully capture the every-day moments that tend to pass us by unnoticed or unable to be documented. I can’t tell you how many times I’d be enjoying a moment with either Teddy or both my boys and I wished I had someone there to capture it for me. I am SO grateful that my work provides me the opportunity to get to experience that love and capture those moments for people on a regular basis. I am SO excited to get back to it!