The Portrait Project | May (Weeks 225-228)

I know I'm always playing catch-up with posting my Portrait Project, but his summer I totally got behind and haven't posted since the end of April- yikes!  So, here's the month of May in photos :)

Week 225- Daniel had an art night at his school, so we all went and got to play on the park after.  Teddy goofed off in Ruby Scout's room and Ruby Scout rocked her CA outfit.

Week 226- Daniel seems to look more like a boy (and not a little boy) every day, Teddy gave me his "are you crazy?" look (at favorite of his), Ruby Scout demonstrated how she MUST lay down to sleep surrounded by her babies, and the kiddos helped to water our neighbor's plants while they were out of town.

Week 227- Daniel finished up first grade, Teddy finished up Pre-K by dressing like his favorite country- California, Ruby Scout decided the tricycle was her vehicle of choice for the neighborhood and toodles around everywhere on it and the kiddos all got to pose with their BFFs after the Pre-K show.

Week 228- We caved and got a kiddie pool for the summer and the kiddos all LOVED it! :) 

The Portrait Project | Weeks 222-224

The last few weeks have flown by!  

Week 222- D took the award for dirtiest kid to ever come home from school, Teddy rocked his favorite outfit (red "short sleeved pants", shark shirt, glasses and sash), Ruby Scout officially looked like a teenager (attitude and all), and the kids enjoyed getting to eat lunch all together and watch "Spirit".

Week 223- D enjoyed an afternoon of being goofy, Teddy discovered he could write his name all by himself (because I'm a slacker mom), Ruby Scout started looking more like a little girl and less of a baby, and the kiddos enjoyed eating apples while reviewing for Bible class.

Week 224- D enjoys being the official videographer for Teddy's soccer games on Saturdays, Teddy revealed that his most favorite way to eat an apple is to basically slam the apple into his teeth thus breaking the skin to eat it easier (not recommended for your teeth's sake) and Ruby Scout enjoyed getting to "wear" her baby and watch over our neighborhood from her window.