The Portrait Project | Week 185

This last week the kiddos were sick so we spent a lot of time inside and not doing fun things, but Friday we finally got out of the house so mom could go scout out a location that has changed a lot in the recent past.  The boys both climbed their first tree and Ruby Scout picked a sweet little bouquet of flowers (she picks flowers any time she sees them).

The Portrait Project | Week 184

This last week we enjoyed some time at home and the last part of the week brought slightly cooler temperatures so we ventured outside to play.  D enjoyed blowing bubbles, Teddy showed off his "fast pants" (which he wants to wear every day now), Ruby Scout enjoyed her improved ability to traverse our front yard and our neighborhood police enjoyed giving Ruby Scout a speeding ticket :)

The Portrait Project | Weeks 182-183

I'm officially all caught up now with the Portrait Project-- for now ;-) 

Week 182
This week we had a fun time with some of our church friends for the Fourth of July- both boys enjoyed sparkers (D liked to imagine his was a rocket ship blasting off) and Ruby Scout enjoyed watermelon!

Week 183
Last week, we got out of town for a couple of days to enjoy some lake time!  The boys caught their first fish and Ruby Scout loved finding sticks!  All the kiddos enjoyed getting into the lake with their daddy and playing in the mud :)