The Portrait Project | July (Weeks 234-238)

This week on the Portrait Project, we cover the month of July!

Week 234- We celebrated the Fourth of July with sparklers and fireworks!

Week 235- this week I actually am missing because my camera's card got damaged on our trip and I've yet to send it off to retrieve the photos :( 

Week 236- This week's pictures are from our trip to the Nut Tree in Vacaville with my parents!

Week 237- We also got to visit the Redwoods while we were in CA, which all the kids loved.

Week 238- After our visit up in Northern CA, we went and visited Daniel's parents in central CA where we enjoyed horseback riding and a beach trip!  

The Portrait Project | June (Weeks 230-233)

This week's installment of the Portrait Project covers the month of June!

Week 230- I captured Daniel's side-eye, we celebrated Teddy's birthday a little late, Ruby Scout enjoyed getting thrown in the air by her uncle Dave and the kiddos enjoyed D reading to them before bed.

Weel 231- Everyone got haircuts (Teddy had the most fun, by far) and the kiddos enjoyed some downtime after the excitement of our cousins visiting died down.

Week 232- Everyone enjoyed Teddy's birthday present- a new skateboard!

Week 233- The kiddos enjoyed playing outside in the sprinklers and generally enjoying summer life!

The Portrait Project | May (Weeks 225-228)

I know I'm always playing catch-up with posting my Portrait Project, but his summer I totally got behind and haven't posted since the end of April- yikes!  So, here's the month of May in photos :)

Week 225- Daniel had an art night at his school, so we all went and got to play on the park after.  Teddy goofed off in Ruby Scout's room and Ruby Scout rocked her CA outfit.

Week 226- Daniel seems to look more like a boy (and not a little boy) every day, Teddy gave me his "are you crazy?" look (at favorite of his), Ruby Scout demonstrated how she MUST lay down to sleep surrounded by her babies, and the kiddos helped to water our neighbor's plants while they were out of town.

Week 227- Daniel finished up first grade, Teddy finished up Pre-K by dressing like his favorite country- California, Ruby Scout decided the tricycle was her vehicle of choice for the neighborhood and toodles around everywhere on it and the kiddos all got to pose with their BFFs after the Pre-K show.

Week 228- We caved and got a kiddie pool for the summer and the kiddos all LOVED it! :)